But what makes Glasslam different from its competitors?

Firstly, the customer has the biggest choice of glass. Glasslam sells over 40 varieties of glass products & mirrors.

Secondly we supply a good service and the customer can order and wait for its glass order to be cut as per his dimensions the same day.

We offer personalized added-value services such as glass sandblasting and carving with our fully automatic machine from Greece and design on glass and mirrors, glass polishing, glass beveling, glass drilling and fully automatic shape and straight cutting table and laminated glass cutting table from Italy.

Besides of our huge range of glass designs from USA, our artists are at your disposal to reproduce your specific models as per your requirement or as per your existing design.

We are committed to provide the best products at the best price possible. Glasslam (Mauritius) Ltd maintains its leadership in the industry with unswerving energy and efforts looking through our past experience and future to face the challenges of developing times.